Vietnam tapioca chips under pressure to new season


Inventories in the region of Gia Lai, Qui Nhon was around 100,000 tons mainly concentrated in a few large units, with nearly 60,000 tons units exist.


Due to the world economic crisis and the stagnation of the sector in China Ethanol, the alcohol production plant here has closed nearly 70%, a reduction of capacity remaining, cassava demand plummeted so well. Demand for production of cassava served in the Korean market has enough clues through a few of their purchase, consumption will not fluctuate nhieu.080422 cassava san 300x206 Bulletin No. 13 (9/10 / 2013): Vietnam Tapioca Chips under pressure to new season

Slow domestic demand due to slow sales of animal feed, the plant should not grow nationwide basic needs from now to the new armor cassava negligible service. Ethanol production plants largely closed, only the Dung Quat refinery is operating at moderate to handover testing machines; Tung Lam plants running well but not at full capacity.


The supply of cassava from Thailand is very good, the price of Thai cassava exports to China currently only less than 230 USD / MT FOB. Towards Indonesia, output is forecast to grow new high. This year, Indonesia plans to export 70,000 to 100,000 tonnes (previous season at about 30,000 tons). At the same time the rupiah depreciated as resonance elements and the favorable conditions to Indonesia offering better prices. In early crop cassava Indonesia at around 240 USD / MT FOB has now fallen to around 225 USD / MT FOB, if the Chinese equivalent to approximately USD 250 / MT CNF.

The time between October marks the start of harvest massive cassava in Thailand, followed by the first half of November southeastern region Vietnam also began harvesting. December Highland will begin to service and expected to harvest a new crop.

Qui Nhon Port, a major port of Vietnam's cassava exports recent days absent eat cassava ships. RS troubled ship of quality by mixing low quality goods, ships nearly a month to eat this every new departure.

Vietnam cassava inventory is currently stuck between a lot of pressure. One is the domestic demand as well as exports are very low. The other is a large supply of other export markets (from Thailand and Indonesia). Thirdly, the new crop is expected to yield large.

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